productive academic writing

Research shows that academic writers who develop a regular writing practice and who have a writing group to help them meet their writing goals produce up to ten times the pages of those writers who binge to meet deadlines or who “wait for inspiration.” Helping you write more productively, comfortably, and confidently is what CSU Writes is about.

"Productive writers don't have special gifts or traits--they just spend more time writing and use this time more efficiently."

Paul Silva, How to Write a Lot

show up & write

Use show up &write to compose an article, chapter, thesis….Really, it works regardless of your writing project. You will produce more pages (& likely of better quality ) when you drop in & write regularly.

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Writing Resources

Recommended readings about writing regularly & writing groups.

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Faculty & Graduate Students say...

Responses to CSU Writes offerings have been inspired and inspiring. Thank you. 

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