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Write for Speed Workshop Poster, Spring 2017
Women Writers in Academe Poster, Spring 2017



The CSU Writes workshop series addresses the 4 areas faculty writers encounter their greatest challenges: space, time, energy, and academic style.


Most workshops last 1 to 1.5 hours. To help with your scheduling and with CSU Writes preparations, RSVP for workshops using the contact form at the bottom of this page. Thank you.


Spring Semester Writing LAUNCH & Group-Up

JAN 31, 2:00 – 3:30 (LSC 372-4)

In this first workshop of the 2017 spring term, faculty set up a semester writing plan and meet other faculty who have similar writing goals and needs. The first half of the workshop includes information on CSU Writes’ monthly writing packages as well as useful tips for setting writing goals and organizing a writing schedule. During the second half, faculty group-up with others who can help them meet their writing goals over the semester.

If you are considering joining a faculty writing group, the LAUNCH is the way to do so.


Becoming a Public Scholar” an all-day workshop with guest presenter Dr. Joli Jensen

FEB 18, 9 – 3:30 (LSC 324)

Dr. Joli Jensen returns to guest present at CSU from the University of Tulsa, where she is founding director of the Faculty Writing Program and Hazel Rogers Professor of Communications. She will present on the pleasures and value of becoming a public scholar, no matter what your field. Learn how to write opinion pieces, magazine articles or even trade books based on your research. If you attended her workshop last year, you already know, Dr. Jensen’s talks are edifying and a must attend!


Scheduling for Deep Work: A Clockwork Muse Workshop

MAR 1, 2:30-4 (LSC 376-8)

Combining methods for doing “deep work” with the “muse” created through schedules and writing logs, this workshop introduces academic writers with new techniques from Cal Newport. Attendees will learn strategies to help them track their writing production and maintaining momentum on a project—even amid a hectic semester.


Writing for Speed Workshop II 

APR 4, 11-12:30 (LSC 372-4)

This workshop borrows from Virginia Woolf’s endorsement to “write at a gallop” to write faster than your critics can speak, a process that requires that we draft first, edit later. We will explore multiple strategies to separate drafting from editing and proofreading so that we might write at speed, produce more pages, and, if we are lucky, experience the pleasure of outpacing the critics.


Women in Academe: Make the Most of Your Time

APR 18, 11-12:30  (LSC 372-4)

This workshop/discussion session offers a space for women faculty to discuss the challenges they face in finding time to write. Academic reputations and careers in most fields are built on the writing academics do, whether for publication or funding. Still women in most fields publish fewer articles than their male peers (largely because women do not submit as much work). Studies on gender and writing productivity recognize women academics face gender-specific challenges in maintaining a regular and productive writing schedule. Laura Vanderkam, however, claims that professional women have more time than they think. We will explore some of Vanderkam’s useful ideas and strategies and see how the might enhance our own work-a-day and write-a-day lives at CSU.


Retreat Booster: Intensive Writing Sessions

These communal writing sessions supplement the Spring 2017 intensive writing retreats. If you attended a retreat this semester, use the retreat boosters to maintain your writing momentum. The first half hour of the booster includes conversations about the progress we’ve made since our retreat as well as a few helpful reminders about focusing on our writing outcomes and finding a workable writing schedule. Sessions are open to both faculty and graduate students.

FEB 10, 2-5pm, (Eddy 100)

MAR 3, 2-5pm, (Eddy 100)

APR 7, 2-5pm, (Eddy 100)

APR 28, 2-5pm, (Eddy 100)

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