CSU Writes Summer Retreat Poster, 2017

With support from the Graduate School, CSU Writes organizes intensive writing retreats for graduate students who plan to complete theses/dissertations in 2017 or 2018.

You must be post-proposal stage and complete an Intensive Writing Retreat Application (below) to participate.

Space in each GRAD Writes retreat is limited and the retreats are popular. Apply early to reserve a spot. Please, apply to a retreat ONLY if you are sure you can attend the retreat.





Organize & Make the Most of Your Writing Time—Thesis/Dissertation Writing 

Retreat #1: September 30 - October 2  

Retreat #2: October 21 - 23 

These 3-Day Intensive Writing Retreats are designed for graduate students who are in the midst of writing their theses/dissertations and hope to complete them during the fall/spring semesters. They offer a short introductory session on Friday (1-4) combined with longer writing  sessions and writing consultations on Saturday/Sunday  (8:30 - 4) to help graduate students make significant progress on current projects, even when fall semester classes are in session.  May you write much this retreat fueled by good writing tips, good writing time, and energy-sustaining food provided by the Graduate School.

To apply for a retreat, fill out an Intensive Writing Retreat Form below.



Like the retreat offer in the fall term, this 3-Day Intensive Writing Retreat is designed for graduate students who are in the midst of writing their theses/dissertations and hope to complete them during the spring semester.

Retreat #3: February 3-5, Friday (1-4pm) & Saturday/Sunday  (8:30 - 4) 

2-DAY WRITING RETREAT (Beginning of Spring Break)

Retreat #4: March 13 & 14, 8:30am – 4pm

Sustain Motivation & Maintain Momentum—Thesis/Dissertation Writing

To complete demanding writing projects, like a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation, graduate students must sustain their motivation and maintain their writing momentum over extended periods of time. This intensive writing retreat is designed to give graduate students a mid-semester boost so that they can make significant progress on (or complete) their theses or dissertations this semester.











SUMMER 2017 WEEK-LONG INTENSIVE WRITING RETREAT (Additional retreats may be added to summer months, please check back during spring semester to see retreat options.) 

Retreat #5: May 15 – 19, 8:30am - 4pm

Make the Most of Summer Writing—Thesis/Dissertation 

Start your summer off productively with a writing plan and set of practices designed to keep you focused and writing over the break. This week-long intensive writing retreat combines daily writing sessions with instruction on best ways to approach rigorous writing projects to help graduate student make steady progress over the summer on their theses or dissertations. Both sessions include guest faculty speakers and an optional luncheon with the graduate student's faculty advisor.

Courtesy Note: If your application is approved and you are accepted into a retreat, please plan to attend all of the retreat's scheduled days. Occasionally, life events may prevent you from completing or attending--such cases may not be helped--but, please, be kind to your fellow graduate student and recognize that if you reserve a spot in a retreat and then do not show up, you have prevented a colleague from attending.



Intensive Writing Retreat Application

    You may apply for more than one retreat. Please use the "Additional Comments & Considerations" text box below to explain which retreat(s) you would most like to attend. Retreats are popular, and it can help us know which are your preferred retreat choices. You can list retreats by : 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice, and so forth.