Welcome to fall CSU Writes family!

We hope you had a rejuvenating summer and are embracing the work and wonders of fall. As the summer heat begins to fade, CSU Writes is here to help you tackle this new semester with (virtual and in person!) workshops and writing sessions. Here is what CSU Writes has in store to maintain your writing energy Fall 2022.

CSU Writes announces FACULTY Writes events for Fall 2022

FACULTY Writes workshops focus on topics that address the writing challenges researchers and scholars commonly face: how to fit writing into an already packed schedule; how to collaborate better with co-authors; and how to write more consistently, quickly, and effectively.

The fall semester opens with information and workshop sessions on how to schedule and build momentum on projects. The virtually held events are much designed to be information sessions with few tasks for participant (they will be recorded). The in-person workshops include practice sessions to work through concepts and methods

Upcoming September FACULTY Writes workshops focus on building momentum on writing projects

SEPT 15, 12-12:50pm
Virtual Information Session: Zoom
This session introduces an experimental workshop designed for writers to produce a draft article in 4 hours. We will explore the preparation for the two 2-hr writing sessions in October (10/20 and 10/27). Attendees will do best if they have all data, literature, and clarity of findings/analysis/interpretations. We will be bold and explore what is possible with preparation and deep work, together.

Research Journals & Logs: Build Writing Momentum
SEPT 13, 1-1:50pm
In-Person Workshop: LSC 306
This workshop covers multiple types and strategies for tracking the steps and progress of writing projects. There’s not only one best way to track writing, but there may be a best way for you at this point in your research or scholarly career. We will identify tracking categories that will help you build momentum on your project no matter if you prefer hard-copy journals, spreadsheets, Googledocs, or other.

Agile Methods for Collaborative Writing
SEPT 28, 1-1:50pm
Virtual Information Session: Zoom
This information session draws on Agile project management strategies that were created for software development that can also support collaborative writers through the iterations of co-authoring manuscripts and proposals. We will learn from the research and work of Rebecca Pope-Ruark and other scholars of collaborative writing. Writers may wish to attend with their co-authors so that they can engage with the methods post-session. The session will be recorded for future reference

Please visit the FACULTY Writes page on the CSU Writes website for more detailed information.