GRAD Writes is the graduate student branch of CSU Writes that organizes workshops, facilitates writing groups, and provides intensive writing retreats for graduate students, among other offerings.

Housed in the Graduate School, GRAD Writes offers a series of curated events designed to support graduate students as they write thesis/dissertations. As a graduate student, you recognize that writing is crucial to your successful negotiation of your program's requirements, even as you may also feel intimidated or occasionally confounded by the writing process. Helping you write more productively, comfortably, and confidently is what CSU Writes is about.

Graduate students who participated in CSU Writes events have said:

“Gave me motivation to keep writing, and gave me ideas of new strategies to continue to work on my efficiency.”

“Attending CSU Writes workshops helped me to defend my thesis on time—at the end of my second year. My committee gave me the feedback that if we offered a distinction award for theses/dissertations, they certainly would have given it to mine. I now plan to write a grant proposal to continue the work of my thesis, and I look forward to seeking help for that as well!”

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 If you are a CSU graduate student who is interested joining a writing group, click here for more information. If you are interested in attending a GRAD Writes event, see the 2016-17 CALENDAR of OFFERINGS.