Dr. Julie Heinrichs, NREL

Dr. Julie Heinrichs is a Research Scientist in the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (NREL), conducting landscape ecology and conservation biology research that helps direct conservation actions for wildlife in changing environments.  She published several journal articles and a book chapter in 2019, clearing a backlog of manuscripts.  These publications described how human development, climate change, and management actions influence where and how long populations can persist.  Timely publication was in particular need for one project, where modeling results were influencing imminent conservation plans for the release of critically endangered sage-grouse in Canada.  Julie credits CSU Writes with nurturing her motivation to write more consistently and effectively, allowing her to accelerate urgent as well as backburner writing projects.  She participated in several workshops and retreats that helped her prioritize and protect deep writing time.  Julie’s writing productivity won her the “Most Publications” award from the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory and the department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability (Warner College of Natural Resources) in 2019.