Dr. Hayley Benham, Biomedical Sciences

Hayley Benham

CSU Writes and Dr. Quynn were invaluable in helping me develop writing habits and organizational skills that allowed me to complete my dissertation. Dr. Quynn immediately recognized the contributing sources of my writer’s anxiety and provided extremely useful and pragmatic tools that shifted me into a more positive mindset and made writing a less daunting task. She encouraged me feel proud and excited to write and make my contribution to my field. The Show Up and Write sessions provided a neutral writing space where I could redirect focus to manageable writing tasks on a consistent schedule. It was really helpful to have a source of support outside of my department that was low stress, low stakes, and provided constant feedback and options. This program offers so many unique resources that are specifically designed to help create a productive and motivating writing space. I highly encourage anyone writing a thesis or dissertation to take advantage of this program. I only wish I had heard about it earlier!