Take a look at what FACULTY Writes is offering Spring 2023.

Workshops & Webinars

JAN 24 Your Semester Writing Webinar (Zoom)

JAN 25 Your Semester Writing Workshop (LSC 306)

JAN 26 4-Hour Article Draft Intro Session (Zoom)

FEB 8 Write at Speed Webinar & Practice Session (Zoom)

FEB 22 Writing Collaboratively with Grad Students Webinar (Zoom)

MAR 22 Faculty Burnout & Writing Imperatives (Zoom)


Friday &/or Saturday RETREATS are “build-your-own.” Commit & attend as works best for you. Each day includes 5.5 hours of dedicated writing time.


FEB 10 / 11 In-Person



MAR 10 / 11 In-Person



MAY 30 – JUNE 2 Week-Long Intensive


WARP: Writing Accountability for Research Projects

GRANT WRITES (w/ NIH, NSF no-deadline & NSF-Career options)

show up & write. M-F 8am-5pm with Faculty & Researcher of Color sessions

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Take a look at what GRAD Writes is offering Spring 2023.

Workshops & Webinars

JAN 24 Your Semester Writing Webinar

JAN 25 Your Semester Writing Workshop (LSC 306)

JAN 26 4-Hour Article Draft Intro

FEB 1 Strategies to Address Procrastination & Writing Slumps

FEB 2 Write at Speed Webinar

FEB 6 Writing for Publication: Big Picture

FEB 8 Write at Speed Workshop (LSC 322)

FEB 14 ETD: Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Information Session

FEB 15 How to Revise and Edit Webinar

FEB 22 Writing Collaboratively with Faculty Advisors

MAR 2 Zotero & Mendeley Training Session (Library RM TBA)

MAR 8 Passive/Active Voice Webinar with Kelly Bradbury

MAR 21 Avoid Jargonitis Webinar

APR 4 Punctuation with Editor Stephanie G’Schwi


FRI 4-5pm Prep Session (Zoom)

SAT 8:30-4:30 Full-Day Session

FEB 3-4 In-Person

FEB 10-11 Virtual (on Zoom)

MAR 3-4 In-Person

MAR 10-11 Virtual

APR 7-8 Virtual

MAY 22-26 Week-Long In-Person

Accountability & More

DATA: Dissertation and Thesis Accountability

show up & write. M-F 8am-5pm (virtual & in-person)

Write to Publish (W2P): 12-wk non-credit certificate course

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February – June 2023

GRANT Writes provides grant writing support and proven methods to help CSU researchers produce high-quality proposals with greater ease.

Events held on MS Teams.

GRANT Work & Review Groups

Launch February 17th

Writers can join a group up to May 1st.

Organized through CSU Writes, groups meet weekly for accountability and feedback to build momentum and craft high-quality proposals.

Accountability Writing Sessions

FEB 7 – MAY 9 Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2-4pm (JOIN HERE)

Led by Dr. Izabela Ragan of Biomedical Sciences, these drop-in virtual writing sessions help writers set a regular time for proposal writing and provide low-stakes accountability.

Grant Writing Retreats

February 17th, 8:30am-4pm (JOIN HERE)

April 21st, 8:30am-4pm (JOIN HERE

Each retreat affords grant writers up to 5 hours of dedicated prep and writing time, expert speaker presentations, and afternoon writing breakout discussion sessions. Retreats are a great opportunity for researchers to make significant progress on a proposal in a collegial environment.

Proposals at the Sentence Level

March 23rd, 2:00–2:50pm (JOIN HERE)

A webinar co-led by Dr. Jeff Wilusz (MIP) and Dr. Kristina Quynn to examine what makes proposals succeed or fail and why at the sentence-level.

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“Be messy and complicated and afraid and show up anyway.”
– Glennon Doyle Melton

Welcome back to campus, writers! The Spring 2023 semester is officially in session. Campus is buzzing with excitement and our calendars are rapidly filling with classes, meetings, and other engagements. We’ll get to our writing projects at some point, right?

show up & write. is a drop-in writing initiative that helps researchers and graduate students to prioritize writing in their schedules and build momentum on projects over a semester. Each session lasts for 2 hours and are scheduled from 8-10, 10-12, 12-2, and 2-4 Monday through Friday. The sessions are proctored by a CSU faculty member, postdoc, or graduate student volunteer who has committed to proctor and write during that time so that they, too, can make steady progress on their projects. These sessions take place on campus in the Visual Arts building studio H112 and virtually via a Teams meeting. Additionally, if you are an international writer, International Writes will be hosting a session on Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30 in Student Services RM 133. If you are interested in the additional accountability that proctoring a session offers, let us know by completing the form at the bottom of our webpage HERE.

Writing—regardless of discipline, writer’s skill level, or genre complexities—can be challenging. For individual researchers and academics who juggle many professional duties, the challenges of creating the time and space to write can be equally great, if not greater, than the very task of writing itself. Education scholar and research dean, Rowena Murray (2015) points out that writing can feel solitary but that it is mostly relational. “Social writing” or write-together sessions, according to Murray, can be instrumental for “changing writing behaviours” positively and for facilitating a complex “management of competing tasks” (p. 134). show up & write. is a dedicated space on campus for writers to engage in these write-together sessions, have a cup of coffee, and make progress on their writing projects.

You can expect each session to begin with a few minutes to get settled and set goals for the session. Then writers… well … write. All at CSU are welcome to show up & write. This is an inclusive campus space where we come together to support each other as writers. You can be a chemist working on a grant proposal, a graduate student working on a thesis, or a staff member working on a novel — all are welcome!

write early. often. better. together.

January 25th–May 3rd, 2023 (Wednesdays 3:30-5:30PM)

Student Services Building 209 (See Graduate School front desk for access)

Drop in writing sessions for non-native English speakers.

For graduate students, postdocs, and visiting researchers whose first language is not English.

Show up, write, ask questions, and receive individualized feedback about your writing in a group-writing space.

Each Tuesday session starts with a short, introductory conversation after which writers work on their projects and can ask questions as needed.

Faculty Proctor: Tiffany Daigle

CSU Writes is a writing facilitation program designed for researchers and academic writers who are interested in boosting their productivity as they develop a sustainable writing practice.

A workshop designed to help writers produce an article draft in 4 hours.*

*2000-3000 word article

Open to all CSU research and scholarly writers.

We will be bold and explore what is possible, together!

Drafting Session #1

February 23d, 11:30am–2:00pm, Zoom

Paced writing segments. Session includes e 30 minutes of prep and 2 hours of paced drafting time with a session leader.

Drafting Session #2

March 2nd, 11:30am–2:300pm, Zoom

This session continues with paced writing segments. The goal is for attendees to leave this session with a draft of a 2000-3000+ word manuscript.

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TUESDAY, FEB 14 at 10-10:50am on TEAMS

Have Questions about ETD?

Have your ETD questions addressed before you feel the pressures of deadlines! Attend this information session to get a jump start on formatting your thesis/dissertation.

This session covers the submission process in ProQuest, required Graduate School paperwork, the basics of copyright for theses and dissertations, as well as information on navigating CSU’s online resources.

Session Speakers

  • Helen Baer, Head of Digital Repositories Unit, CSU Libraries
  • Khaleedah Thomas, Scholarly Communication Librarian
  • Jennifer Wang, Student Services Coordinator, Grad School

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The end of fall semester draws near to be followed shortly by the holiday season. Some academic writers will put current projects on hold to turn attention to family, friends, and festivities. Some will work intermittently, and others will work intensively through break.

Unless you are in the latter group writers who plan to write regularly over break, you will benefit by taking care to pack up your writing projects by leaving detailed notes on the next steps, task, and ideas that will guide your return.

“Break” need not be a break from your devotion to your projects. You may find that a couple days of rest provides you with renewed energy to reengage with a languishing project or offers a new perspective on a previously troublesome section. Welcome the revival!

If other duties of travel or relationships will keep you from writing as regularly as you might like. Jot down a few lines of appreciation, insight, or desired next steps as time allows. These intermittent notes can both keep you connected to your project while on break as well as provide you with opportunities to make speedy progress once you resume your semester writing schedule.

May your winter break writing bring you much joy, and, if you wish, many pages, too!