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About Productivity Packages

Bring an edge to your current writing project(s) to help make your submission and publishing goals.

CSU Writes designed the Writing Productivity Packages for select periods of time and on research that shows faculty writers are most productive when we prioritize and schedule our writing, are held accountable for meeting (or not meeting) goals, and feel connected to a writerly community. That way, you can select a duration of weeks to work, with clear start and end dates, that help you stay focused on your project (less on its "deadlines").

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Each package includes:

  • a start and end date to help you envision your immediate writing goals and schedule
  • a log for you to track your writing time and progress
  • weekly check-in with CSU Writes facilitator who will record what writing goals you achieved and what goals you set for the upcoming week  (Note: These are not writing advice or tutorial sessions. Please see workshop, consultations, and other CSU Writes offerings for such guidance. )
  • a statement of your writing goals and commitments to meeting those goals
  • options to join a faculty writing group and encouragement to participate in CSU Writes workshop offerings to help you maintain a healthy focus on writing

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This is a great option for faculty writers who have identified, upcoming deadlines and who wish to finish their project with greater ease (and before deadline, if possible!).

Because you sign-up for the month(s) you can write regularly, the month-long package is also great for faculty who know that there will come a point in the semester where their teaching, service, or other commitments will invariably eat into their writing time.

Choosing to write a month at a time can help you be more realistic about your schedule and more strategic about when you will write a lot--even during the "busyness" of a semester.

When submitting your Faculty Writing Productivity Application below, simply, select a start-date you wish to begin working on your project.

Then plan to attend writing-oriented programs and events. Look to the CSU Writes Calendar of Events, show up & write page, and CSU Events Calendar. See what campus events, workshops, CSU Writes retreats, and show up & write options you can attend to keep your writing in focus.



This writing package option starts JAN 21 and ends MAY 11, 2018.

It is a good option for writers who have multiple projects on one large writing project to complete by summer. If you wish to set up a 15-week writing timeline or if you already write regularly, the semester package is a great method for you to get your SPRING 2018 writing organized, in focus, and done.

Like the monthly option, plan to attend multiple writing-oriented events. Look to the CSU Writes Calendar of Events, show up & write page, and CSU Events Calendar. Over the semester, you will have multiple campus events, workshops, CSU Writes retreats, and show up & write options. Take care to get events on your schedule early so that you will remember to attend and reap the benefits of participating in a burgeoning academic writing community on campus.

(If you are finding this option in February or March ...feel free to sign up for the remaining weeks. No time like the present to build your semester's writing momentum!)



Summer is when faculty often plan to write the most. Summer seems so expansive, generous, and comforting in May, but less so by August. For, summer is also a time when we plan to do everything else we didn't do during the semester--family vacation, fieldwork, hiking in the Rockies, naps in the sunshine. The list of what competes with our writing time is vast.

The summer productivity package requires you to set project start date and end dates--but it also includes opt-out weeks when you may opt-out of writing for travel, fieldwork, or naps in the sun.

Know that additional writing support offerings are more limited in the summer. Yet the week-long Faculty Intensive Writing Retreat at the end of May is a good support option, and keep an eye out for additional retreats to be added in July and August as we get closer to the summer months.


"Had too numerous to count unfinished projects and had lost my way about how to chip off a little to make any progress against this mountain.  Now I have the tools to begin a new exciting phase of my life."

"I love the periodic emails sent by CSU Writes! I intend to revisit them…"

"I was clueless—Now I have the tools needed to begin to complete my writing projects."