Grad Groups: Thesis/Dissertation

Dissertation and Thesis Accountability (DATA)

Spring 2023

DATA Partners help graduate students make significant progress on their manuscript and article writing. Research shows that academic writers write more pages and of a greater quality when they write regularly and among colleagues.

  • Spring 2023 DATA groups start in February and run through the semester.
  • You can learn more about strategies for building and maintaining your DATA group by watching the DATA Groups Introductory Session recoding that is linked below.  You can also watch the video short below and read more about groups in the CSU Writes GROUPS HANDBOOK (download below).
  • If you are interested in participating in a DATA group, you can attend the preparatory session FEB 7 at 1 PM MST.
  • If you are interested in joining a DATA Writing group, please fill out this Google Form by Monday, FEB 6 to reserve your spot.

DATA Intro Session

After attending a DATA Gathering, you will be assigned an “Accountabilibuddy” or group. You will also check in with Kimi Conro to schedule your subsequent writing accountability meetings

The goal is for you and your group to meet regularly (1 x week or 2 x month) over the semester. Please reach out to Annie Halseth at CSU Writes if you have changes or challenges in your group. We’re here to support you! 



A guide to groups for research writers at multiple stages for multiple projects:

  • graduate students 
  • faculty
  • postdoctoral fellows
  • soft-money researchers 
who wish to join a group for accountability and/or feedback to support their manuscript or proposal writing.