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CSU Writes Graduate Student Writing Groups help graduate students focus and build momentum on writing projects. Being part of a group will help members identify writing obstacles, move forward on multiple projects, and produce the manuscripts and proposals that, ultimately, build into theses/dissertations.

Types of groups

Accountability Groups (3-5 members) are arranged to help writers be "accountable" for setting and meeting their writing goals. Set, discuss, and work to achieve your writing goals as you help others do the same at weekly meetings through the semester.

Write-On-Site Groups (3+ members) consist of writers who write together weekly. Some groups meet at existing show up & write. sessions; some groups write together elsewhere. Discussion and accountability to set and meet writing goals is also part of these groups.

Feedback Groups (3-5 members) are arranged so that writers give and receive feedback on their writing. Weekly meetings also help graduate students build momentum on projects: manuscripts, proposals, reports, posters, conference papers, and more.

You can join a CSU Writes Writing Group one of two ways:

Attend the INTRODUCTION & JOIN A WRITING GROUP Session SEPT 17, 1-2:30 (LSC 324)


Complete a Writing Group Request Form below and we will do our best to match you with other writers on campus this semester.

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