Guest Speakers & Panels

Fall 2021

small panel/BIG TOPIC

Writing Grant Proposals for Postdocs & Graduate Students

OCT 11, 12-12:50pm MST (TEAMS)

This small panel/BIG TOPIC features experts from CSU’s Research Acceleration Office. They will discuss grant landscapes, resources, and writing strategies.

A small panel/BIG TOPIC
dedicated to the topic of grant writing as a Postdoc or Graduate Student.

Fall 2021


SEPT 23, 12-1:30am MST (ZOOM)

 Negotiating the time constraints for academic research and writing with caregiving requires innovative strategies. Discover a set of flexible, time efficient strategies and tools for writing and working that permit you to adapt to changing caregiving circumstances in the age of COVID-19. This workshop is designed for faculty, graduate students, researchers and postdoctoral fellows with caregiving responsibilities.

Archive of Past Speakers & Panels

Spring 2021

Citation & Source Management Software: Learn from Library Experts

If you are curious about the differences between EndNote, Zotero, and Mendeley, this is the information session for you! This is a “small panel/BIG TOPIC” talk gives by experts on resource source management from CSU libraries. 

Spring 2019

What Can John Oliver Teach Us about Writing Science?

A small panel comprised of CSU’s dogged champions for improving the quality of STEM writing produced at CSU.

Dr. Stu Tobet of Biomedical Sciences and Dr. Susan De Long of Civil & Environmental Engineering will speak about existing models and strategies to improve the quality of your writing.

This panel is open to all CSU writers but may be of most interest to STEM writers. As its title suggests, the panel with offer an informed and dynamic conversation about the value with writing strategies to communicate science seriously.


Strategies for Applying for NIH Postdoc & Graduate Fellowships

October 2018 Event Flyer

Tatiana Nekrasova-Beker & Tony Becker


Linguists with specialities in TEFL/TESL & Assistant Professors in English Department at CSU

Strategies for Giving Feedback on the Writing of English Language Learner (ELL/ESL) Graduate Students

John Calderazzo


Joli Jensen, PhD

Hazel Rogers Professor of Media Studies University of Tulsa

Director, Henneke Faculty Writing Program

Write No Matter What. Advice for Academics.