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CSU Writes Intensive Writing Retreats are for Faculty and Graduate Students looking to made significant progress on a writing project.

Graduate students should be post-exams or proposal and have completed enough research they can write for 5-6 hours each day.

Space in retreats is limited, so reserve your space as soon as you know you can attend. (Use forms below.)

FACULTY Writes Retreats are capped between 10-20 faculty writers, depending on the retreat. Select retreats are designated for women, faculty of color, Jr. faculty, grant writers or other groups.

GRAD Writes Retreats are capped at 20 graduate student writers.


These multiple and consecutive all-day events (8:30-4:30) include structured writing, break, and discussion time.

You can expect to spend time in a designated space on campus with other academic writers who will, likewise, be immersed in their own writing projects.

Each retreat includes an introductory sessions on goal setting, scheduling strategies, and a commitment to writing goals; a distraction-free space (participants switch off email, phone, and text messaging--unless awaiting an urgent call); and morning coffee, tea, fresh fruit, and a variety of energy-boosting snacks.


CSU Writes offers multiple writing retreat options over the academic year and summer.

Graduate student retreats during the fall and spring semesters tend to be 2-3 days and over weekends or spring break.

Faculty retreats during the fall and spring semesters tend to be shorter (1-2 days) and also held on weekends.

Summer efforts time for week-long retreats for Faculty, Women Faculty, and Graduate Students.

See the calendar below or on the Home Page for specific days/times.


Intensive writing retreats are generally held on CSU main campus. Although, some specialty retreats may be held on such other CSU sites at the Mountain Campus.


Academic writing can feel isolating and be all too easy to "put off until tomorrow." Writers who attend retreats access a writing community here at CSU and tend to produce much more writing than they would on their own.

Retreats are also a great way to connect with colleagues in other departments, to share tips and writing challenges, and find new ways to access the pleasures of writing (yes, even grant proposals, case-studies, reviews, book manuscripts, theses, and dissertations).


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I just wish I had done it earlier. I had it in my mind a retreat was a last resort--I thought, surely I can just get on with it. But I see now it is much more productive.

                                                 --Rowena Murray "Writing in Social Spaces" (2015)

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Space is limited and the retreats are popular. Apply early to reserve a spot. Please, apply to a retreat ONLY if you are sure you can attend the retreat.



"Everything was really great, loved the supportive atmosphere, appreciated the chance to meet other women faculty, thank you- it was so well organized. I think this is a great week to hold retreat in summer- enough time to regroup after semester and enough time left in summer to continue working."

"This was a chance to sequester and focus on my science. I also look forward to setting aside real time for writing hereafter."


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    You may apply for more than one retreat. Please use the "Additional Comments & Considerations" text box below to explain which retreat(s) you would most like to attend. Retreats are popular, and it can help us know which are your preferred retreat choices. You can list retreats by : 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice, and so forth in the comments box below.