show up & write.


show up & write. 

drop-in writing sessions for CSU's research writers

schedule. drop in. write.

FALL 2019

sept 9 - dec 12

closed during fall break

Plant Growth Conservatory Map
John Pippen Hat Square

Dr. John Pippen, Assistant Professor of Music, Theatre & Dance sports his CSU Writes writing cap. Dr. Pippen proctored the T/R morning session in the Warner College, Spring 2019.

for best results: select a time/location that works for your schedule  

then "show up & write." regularly throughout the fall semester

show up & write. for 2 or more hours per week and you'll be amazing how much you accomplish over the fall semester!

show up & write. does not run during Fall Break (November 25-29)


FALL Schedule

depending on location, select sessions will wrap before the hour to allow for classroom transitions


9-11am                   Rockwell 39                

10am - 12pm         Walnut 119

10am - 12pm         Plant Growth Facilities Conservatory

2-3:30pm              105 Military Sciences

2 - 4pm                  Walnut 119 (except for those in Eddy 110: 9/18, 10/2, 10/16, 10/30, 11/13, 12/11)


10am - 12pm          Walnut 119

12 - 2pm                 Walnut 119

2 -4pm                   Walnut 119


sponsored designated sessions


M/W 8:30 - 10:30am        NATR 256: designated session FROC (Faculty & Researchers of Color)

M/T 10:30am - 12pm        EDUC 4: sponsored session RISE sponsored session (Race & Intersectionality Studies for Educational Equity) Center


You can think of show up & write. akin to drop-in yoga (without the downward dog). Make show up & write. part of your healthy writing practice.

show up & write Postcard, Fall 2017

More Information

show up & write.offers a strategy to maintain a writing schedule and keep writing times “contained” so that you know when you will get your project writing finished until the next session so that you can move forward to do other great things with your time.

show up & write. sessions are scheduled communal blocks of time on M/W & T/R.

show up & write.  is rooted in a fundamental of writing productivity: you must "show up" regularly to produce an article, proposal, thesis, dissertation, etc..

show up & write. helps you schedule your semester's writing times. The sessions are on campus in classrooms with tables so that you can have space to work. Each session has a proctor who can sign your "show up" card and who will let you know when the session is over.


What to expect

Each session begins with a couple of minutes to get settled and chat with your writing sessions neighbors to exchange writing tips or advice in an impromptu fashion. The remaining session time affords communal, quiet writing environment. Each session closes with the proctor prompting you to wrap up your day's writing and consider where you will begin writing when you drop in again. Many writers find that the communal atmosphere of show up  & write. helps them focus and write more than they would otherwise.

Given the busyness of academic schedules, we need an way to prioritize writing in our day. We must, in other words, "show up & write." You can drop in for 15 minutes or for an hour or more--whatever your schedule allows.


volunteer proctors...

show up & write. sessions are proctored by a dedicated and ever-growing number of volunteers.

Remember to thank the proctor at the location you attend. If you would like to propose an additional time for show up & write. and are interested in proctoring a session during the 2018-19 Academic Year, fill out the form below or email CSU Writes for more information (

EARN-A-MUG: Pick up a show up & write. card and have the proctor at your session initial each time you "show up." After 20 sessions (40-ish hours of writing), you can submit your card for a CSU Writes coffee mug!  See if you can attend enough writing sessions to earn a mug in a semester. Or, keep track of your card and continue building session credits in a subsequent semester.

brianne's coffee mug boomerang


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