Women Faculty Writers

Why gender designated events?

Recent research shows that women academics are more likely to put off writing, take on more service in departments, and publish fewer articles than their male counterparts. It is important to note that women are publishing less (particularly in STEM fields) not because of an inherent difference in quality of work but often due to the choices women make about their academic writing practice. A writing community that offers key support can help women academic writers, who often face particularly gendered challenges when writing to build their CV, advancing through tenure, or maintaining a work-life balance. Such a writing community of women scholars can also help generate a collegial academic climate on campus

Week-Long Women Faculty Writing Retreat

June 29-July 3, 2020

Held on the main campus, this retreat provides women faculty a communal and supportive space to make substantial progress on manuscripts and proposals. Includes workshops on concerns specific to women in academe: negotiating heavier teaching loads, service commitments, and/or family obligations. (Retreat capped at 20 writers)

To reserve your spot in the retreat, fill out a reservation form on the Writing Retreats page.

Junior Women Faculty Mountain Campus Writing Retreat


CSU Mountain Campus

Held at the Mountain Campus, this retreat supports junior women faculty who are new (pre-tenure) to building a career and life in academe. Includes 5-6 hours of writing each day balanced with facilitated discussions and recreational events. (Retreat capped at 13 writers, with representatives from each of CSU’s colleges.)