If you missed the Writing Group-Up and still wish to join a writing group, complete a Writing Group Request form at the bottom of this page.

The best way to join a writing group is to attend one of the Writing Group-Up sessions offered at the beginning of the semester.

GRAD Writes Group-Up SEPT 4 2018, 4-5pm (LSC 308)

FACULTY Writes GROUP-Up  SEPT 5 2018, 4-5pm (LSC 310)

DOC Writes:If you are a Postdoctoral Fellow, feel free to attend either session.


You can also complete a Writing Group Form below (may take a couple weeks to match you with other writers).


FACULTY Writes Groups

GRAD Writes Groups

CSU Writes helps faculty connect with other faculty on campus to create a group that works best for each faculty member's long-term writing needs and goals.

To join a writing group, please attend the Faculty Semester Writing Group-Up at the beginning of the semester. Or email CSU Writes.

Many FACULTY Writes writing groups are structured as Accountability Groups. In these groups, 2-4 faculty focus on the progress of their work. They may meet weekly or bi-monthly to report on where they are in their writing plan and how they are meeting their writing goals. We can organize a group of Women Faculty Writers, of Black or Ethnic Scholars, or discipline-specific. If so, please note your preference on the Writing Group Request at the Writing Group-Up at the beginning of the semester. If you know of colleagues who would like to participate with you, bring them to

Writing groups are a powerful tool for graduate students who are negotiating the challenges of writing theses or dissertations. The group will help you make progress through goal setting, support, feedback and accountability.

To join a writing group, please attend the Graduate Student Semester Group-Up at the beginning of the semester. Or email CSU Writes.

With the exception of cohort groups, writing groups are interdisciplinary, which gives you the opportunity to develop your close reading skills and to write with audience awareness to scholarly readers. Participants in writing groups remark that having to explain their work to an intelligent outsider makes their writing much clearer and stronger.

If you are part of cohort in a field of study and have not yet started a writing group, CSU Writes can help you establish best practices and methods so that you can work efficiently, kindly, and effectively. If you are part of a cohort who already writes together, CSU Writes can provide additional information and help on best methods for getting the most out of your graduate research and writing--You and your colleagues can join as a formed group to then bring in additional members as you wish!

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If you already belong to a writing group and would like additional resources for enhancing the quality of your group's interactions and support, email your query to CSU Writes. We've got writing group strategies and resources!

If you missed the Writing Group-Up and still wish to join a writing group, complete a Writing Group Request form. We will do our best to introduce you to other writers. Note that filling out a Request Form does not guarantee writing group availability and may take some time to find writers.

Writing Group Request Form

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Weekly Goal Setting & Accounting of Progress WRITE-ON-SITE: Weekly Gathering to Write Together FEEDBACK: Exchange of Writing for Feedback
  • For example, M-W or T-Th or Mondays only, etc. Note: the more times you list as options, the easier it can be to organize a group.