CSU Writes offers faculty opportunities to gather with colleagues from colleges and departments across campus to discuss their academic writing practices and to develop healthy, even happy, writing habits.

GRAD Writes

Sponsored by the Graduate School, graduate students can develop a heathy writing practice and speed their time to degree through GRAD Writes workshops, retreats, consultations, writing groups, and more.

show up & write

(drop-in writing sessions)

Like drop in yoga, but without the downward dog.

Drop in regularly this semester and see how much writing you can do when you "show up & write."


early. often. better. together.

"Productive writers don't have special gifts or traits--they just spend more time writing and use this time more efficiently."

Paul Silva, How to Write a Lot


CSU Writes looks to create supportive and safe spaces where scholarly writers can gather and discuss their writing, research, and challenges openly and comfortably. To that end, we ask that participants respect the need for privacy and confidentiality beyond the CSU Writes event or gathering. 

In a version of "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," what happens in a CSU Writes session, stays in session.

Thank you for honoring your writing and other writers at CSU.

What Happens In Writing Groups
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CSU Writes is gratefully funded by the Graduate School, Office of the Provost, and Office of the Vice President for Research.

Director: Kristina Quynn, Ph.D.


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