Faculty Writes

Offerings for Faculty

CSU Writes offers faculty opportunities to gather with colleagues from units, colleges, and departments across campus to discuss the craft and practice of professional academic writing.

Writing Retreats

CSU Writes offers multiple writing retreat options over the academic year and summer. Faculty retreats during the fall and spring semesters tend to be shorter (1-2 days). Summer retreats are longer with 4- or 5-day retreat options.


CSU Writes workshops address the 4 areas academic writers encounter their greatest challenges: SPACE, TIME, ENERGY/MOMENTUM, and ACADEMIC STYLE. Topics change each semester and explore the most current studies and trends in scholarly writing productivity and publishing.

Writing Groups

CSU Writes helps faculty connect with others on campus to create a group that works best for each member's long-term writing needs and goals. ACCOUNTABILITY or WRITE-TOGETHER or FEEDBACK or combination of these group TYPES are the primary approaches that best support research and scholarly writers. CSU Writes can guide faculty into creating and maintaining long-term writing support. Groups can also be arranged according to FIELD types: STEM, SOCIAL SCIENCES, HUMANITIES.


Feedback groups are comprised of faculty and researchers who wish to generate and edit grant proposals or scholarly manuscripts. Each group runs for 4 to 8 weeks during a semester, depending on the focus of the group: NIH, NSF, article or book-length manuscript. Start and end dates will vary according to group or proposal due date.

Accountability & Momentum

WARP: Writing Accountability for Research Projects

A weekly accountability options for faculty and postdocs who wish to set weekly writing goals and be held accountable for meeting them.

show up & write.

These are writing-centered and quiet spaces that help faculty, postdocs, and graduate students build momentum on writing projects.

Collaborations & Department Offerings


Department Special Events

Consider ways your department faculty can benefit by collaborating with CSU Writes and we can look for ways to make it happen. 

To date, CSU Writes has organized specialty presentations about writing productivity, offered graduate semester-long seminars, and supported specific department writing-oriented visions. Email CSU Writes for more information.