WARP-Weekly Check-Ins

Set & meet your weekly writing goals

CSU Writes‘ Writing Accountability for Research Projects (WARP) helps faculty, postdocs, and researchers build momentum on writing projects with bi-weekly email check-ins, weekly writing tips, and semester goal-setting & scheduling support.​

The process is simple; the accountability is powerful:


The semester or summer writing Writing Accountability for Research Projects is a good option for writers who have multiple projects or one large writing project to complete within 10- to 15-weeks.

If you are finding this option mid-semester or mid-summer… feel free to sign up for the remaining weeks! No time like the present to build writing momentum.

Month-long Package Option

This is a great option for faculty writers who have identified a specific upcoming deadline and who wish to finish their project with greater ease.Selecting a month of writing accountability can help you be more realistic about your schedule and more strategic about when you will write a lot–even during the “busyness” of a semester.


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