Doc Writes

CSU’s more than 300 Postdoctoral Fellows can attend any FACULTY or GRAD workshops, retreats, and offerings that suit their writing goals and needs. Select offerings below have been designed or designated for postdoctoral research writers.

FEBRUARY 1-Day Intensive Writing Retreat

Saturday, FEB 27, 8:30-4:30

Held remotely on MSTeams

Lead by CSU-PASS officer and CSU Writes facilitator, Izabela Ragan (postdoctoral fellow in Biomedical Sciences). This is the first ever postdoctoral fellow writing retreat! Meet and talk with other postdoctoral fellows from across campus. Prepare for intensive writing sessions (5.5 hours over the day).


The workshops below are culled from GRAD Writes and FACULTY Writes offerings as they may appeal to Postdoc writers. For additional options, visit the GRAD Workshop & FACULTY Workshop pages.

JAN 26, 12-12:50          Schedule & Prioritize Writing Projects: Strategies & Practices

FEB 3, 2-2:50            Writing for Publication (crossover workshop with WtP Suite)

FEB 4, 12-12:50             Draft Quickly/Edit Slowly: a Write at Speed Strategy Session

FEB 10, 2-2:50              Abstracts (crossover workshop with WtP Suite)

FEB 23, 10-11:30           Citation Management Software: Learn from Library Experts 

MAR 11, 12-12:50          Write Concisely with the Writer’s Diet

MAR 16, 12-1:30            Writing Your Teaching Philosophy: Experts from School of Education

MAR 25, 12-12:50        Redirect Inner Writing Critics: Imposter Experience, Perfectionism, and more.

Write to Publish: Publication Suite

A 12-week series of workshops designed to guide postdocs and graduate students through the process of crafting and polishing a manuscript for publication. 

This series is best for participants who have already conducted research and have a conference presentation or course paper they wish to revise for publication. 

Workshops run 1 x week for 50 minutes for 12 weeks.. 

Participants  may find it beneficial to purchase Wendy Belcher’s WRITING YOUR JOURNAL ARTICLE IN TWELVE WEEKS.

Participants who complete all 12 sessions earn a WtP Certificate of Completion.