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Academic writing can feel isolating and be all too easy to "put off until tomorrow." Writers who attend retreats access a writing community here at CSU and tend to produce much more writing than they would on their own.

Writing retreats are generally held on CSU's main campus. Retreat locations are confirmed when applicants have been accepted.

To register, complete a Retreat Application form below. Retreats are capped at 20 participants. More popular retreats will generate a waitlist. For highly popular retreat, graduate students will be admitted based on 1) time-to-degree status and 2) readiness to write.


CSU Writes workshops address the 4 areas academic writers encounter their greatest challenges: SPACE, TIME, ENERGY/MOMENTUM, and ACADEMIC STYLE. Topics change each semester and explore the most current studies and trends in scholarly writing productivity and publishing. RSVP early to build writing support into your semester schedule. (All graduate students are welcome regardless if you register, but an RSVP helps us prepare materials.)


CSU Writes helps graduate students connect with others on campus to create a group that works best for each member's long-term writing needs and goals. To learn more about Writing Groups and to sign up, complete a Writing Group Request form on the Writing Groups information page.


Editing groups are comprised of graduate students who wish to edit theses or dissertation chapters and articles. Each group runs for 4 to 5 weeks during a semester, depending on the make up of the group.

Start and end dates will vary according to group or proposal due date. To see what groups are available for this semester, visit the Editing Groups page or send CSU Writes an email query.

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