show up & write.

drop-in writing sessions for CSU's research writers

remote write-on-site

summer 2020 on TEAMS

may 26 - august 14

Sessions run 5-days a week: 

Monday – Friday


8am – 5pm


Proctor Session Times

8 – 10am

10 – noon

noon – 2pm

2 – 5pm


session proctors

Carly DeSanto, Anthropology & Geog.

Dr. Clint Leach, Biology

Colleen Brents, Veterinary Med & Biomed Sci; Environmental & Radiological Health 

Emily Amedee, Communication Studies

Dr. Izabela Ragan, Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Josh Hewitt, Statistics

Dr. Julie Heinrichs, Natural Resource Ecology Lab

Marissa Metz, Biomedical Sciences

Yan Shan, Sociology

sponsored & designated sessions

This session is designated for CSU’s FACULTY & RESEARCHERS OF COLOR

summer 2020 schedule

Mondays 9-11am

Wednesdays 2-4pm

proctored by: Dr. Lindsey Schneider, Ethnic Studies

FALL 2020 Schedule TBA

sponsored by: RiSE, Race & Intersectionality Studies for Educational Equity Center

This session includes Zoom access for distance/off-campus writers. To Zoom attend, contact: Dr. Louise Jennings at

proctored by:

Dr. OiYan Poon, SOE; Dr. Louise Jennings, SOE; Dr. Jessica Gonzalez-Voller, Counseling & Career Development, & Dr. Antonette Aragon, SOE

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More Information

What to expect

SIGN IN: Use the CHAT function on TEAMS so the session proctor can note your participation. 

LOG: You can log your writing session attendance on a google spreadsheet.

PICTURING ‘show up & write.’: We are collecting pictures of where we write (remotely together; sheltering apart)! See the “Picturing show up & write” segment below. Send your photo with the subject line “su&w PIC” to:

CSUW MUGS: YES, you can still earn a CSU Writes mug by showing up and writing 20 times. (Although, the mug is now a thermal tumbler to keep your hot beverages hot and your cold beverages cold while you write!)

more info re: remote

show up & write. guide

Earn a CSU Writes coffee mug!

Brianne’s Coffee Boomerang, 2017

After 20 sessions (40-ish hours of writing), you can submit your card for a CSU Writes coffee mug!  

2020-21 options include a Thermal Tumbler and a Pint Glass. While supplies last.

Volunteer Proctors

show up & write. sessions are proctored by dedicated faculty, graduate student, and postdoc volunteers. Make sure to thank the proctor at your session. 

If you are interested in proctoring a session, fill out the form below or email CSU Writes for more information (

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picturing show up & write.

Before COVID-19: Emily Amedee’s T/R session in Plant Growth Facilities