show up & write.

drop-in writing sessions for CSU's research writers

show up & write. in-person locations

Visual Arts Bldg. H112

This location has a tea kettle and writing table. Please take care to clean

Plant Growth Facilities Bldg.

This location has beautiful plants, coy fish, and tables for writing. It also, however, can become quite warm.  Try it out! See if it works for you. If not, please try out the Visual Arts Bldg.

 show up & write. is also virtual:
  • Log in.
  • Use chat to share your session writing goals.
  • Before exiting the session, use chat to share your progress with the proctor and session writing colleagues.
  • Return on a regular basis to build momentum and make progress on your writing project this semester.

 5  days a week: 

monday – friday

8am – 4pm (MST)

session proctors

(in alphabetical order by first name)

Annie Halseth, English

Dr. Cyane Tornatzky, Art and Art History

Dixie Poteet, Civil Engineering

Hayley Hasberger, Communication Studies

Dr. Izabela Ragan, Biomedical Sciences

Dr. John Pippen, Music/Theater/Dance

Liz Lawler, Statistics

Morgan Roche, Natural Resources Ecology Lab

Natalie “Bucky” Buchholz, Ecology

Sai Pennam, Computer Science


Proctor Session Times

8 – 10am

10 – noon

noon – 2pm

2 – 4pm

sponsored & designated sessions

GRANT Writes

Grant Writes is a series of co-sponsored, co-developed offerings for CSU faculty, postdocs, researchers, and graduate students. CSU Writes partners with resident experts to provide low-stakes grant writing support and feedback. Our partners include such avid writers as Dr. Stu Tobet of Biomedical Engineering, Dr. Jeff Wilusz of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology, Dr Izabela Ragan of Biomedical Sciences, and the OVPR’s Research Acceleration Office. 

CSU Writes has supported writers of successful internal and small grants to NIH-R01, NSF-Career, DARPA, USDA, Beottcher, and other granting agencies. 

DROP-IN WRITING                                       

 SEPT 6 – DEC 8, 

TUES & THURS, 2-4pm 

Held Virtually on TEAMS  

Hosted by Dr. Izabela Ragan of Biomedical Sciences. 

GRANT Writes drop-in sessions are open to all grant writers that are working on any type of grant.  

Drop in. State writing goals. Write together.  

FROC Writes

This session is designated for CSU’s FACULTY & RESEARCHERS OF COLOR

Fall 2022 Schedule:

Mondays & Wednesdays 9-11am

proctored by: Dr. Lindsey Schneider, Ethnic Studies

show up & write. in-person locations

show up & write. sessions are primarily offered in the Visual Arts building, studio H112. Please see the map and pictures below. There is tea and coffee offered at this location for participants.

show up & write. has a secondary location in the Plant Growth Facilities building, room 112. As a note, while this space is beautiful and full of plant life, it can become quite hot for writers and their computers. Please see the map and pictures below.

More Information

What to expect

SIGN IN: Use the CHAT function on TEAMS so the session proctor can note your participation. 

LOG: You can log your writing session attendance on a google spreadsheet.

PICTURING ‘show up & write.’: We are collecting pictures of where we write (remotely together; sheltering apart)! See the “Picturing show up & write” segment below. Send your photo with the subject line “su&w PIC” to:

CSUW MUGS: YES, you can still earn a CSU Writes mug by showing up and writing 20 times. (Although, the mug is now a thermal tumbler to keep your hot beverages hot and your cold beverages cold while you write!)

more info re: remote

show up & write. guide

Earn a CSU Writes mug!

Brianne’s Coffee Boomerang, 2017

After 20 sessions (40-ish hours of writing), you earn a CSU Writes mug or pint glass!  

2020-21 options include a Thermal Tumbler and a Pint Glass. While supplies last.

Volunteer Proctors

show up & write. sessions are proctored by dedicated faculty, graduate student, and postdoc volunteers. Make sure to thank the proctor at your session. 

If you are interested in proctoring a session, fill out the form below or email CSU Writes for more information (

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picturing show up & write.

Before COVID-19: Emily Amedee’s T/R session in Plant Growth Facilities