FALL 2019


CSU Writes' retreats are designed to help researchers generate more writing and of better quality than they might on their own.

While writing-related conversations are part of the morning session (1-hour), these retreats do not include structured peer editing sessions nor do we exchange or share writing.

To attend, complete a Reservation Form below. Retreats are capped at 12-20 faculty, depending on the retreat.


September FACULTY Retreat

SEPT 13 &/or 14 (Fri 8:30-4:30, Sat 8:30-4:30)

The first of the semester's 1- &/or 2-DAY Writing Retreats (register for Friday, Saturday or both days!). Retreats afford you a space and time to set goals, get focused, and write among colleagues to make significant progress on your current manuscript or proposal.


October FACULTY Retreat

OCT 11 &/or 12 Fri 8:30-4:30, Sat 8:30-4:30)

The second of the semester's 1- &/or 2-DAY Writing Retreats (register for Friday, Saturday or both days, if you can). Consider building the monthly retreats into your semester schedule to make significant headway on your projects.


November FACULTY Retreat

NOV 8 &/or 9 (Fri 8:30-4:30, Sat 8:30-4:30)

The final of the semester's 1- &/or 2-DAY Writing Retreats. Consider using this retreat to line-up any writing you may wish to accomplish over the fall break or by the end of the semester.



SPRING 2020 RETREATS (mostly TBA--check back in November to confirm)



MAY 26-29, 2020 (Tuesday-Friday 8:30-4:30)

This 4-day writing retreat offers faculty an early-summer opportunity to begin summer projects.  This summer retreat is held on campus.


Women FACULTY Week-Long Retreat 

JUNE 22-26, 2020 (Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30)

A designated time and space for women faculty to make great progress on summer writing projects in a supportive environment.


Jr. Women Faculty Mountain Campus


Held at CSU’s Mountain Campus, this retreat will focus on establishing healthy writing practices and gender-specific strategies upon which attendees may build successful, writing-rich careers in academe.  It is a retreat designed for women-identified junior faculty and is limited to 13 faculty participants who are pre-tenure. Junior faculty members who are relatively new to CSU are especially encouraged to apply.

Note: Because retreat availability is highly allocated, it is possible you will not be accepted automatically. In instances where a particular college’s space may already be filled at the time of your application, your name will be placed on a waitlist and you will be notified of your acceptance only off a spot opens. In the event that you are not able to participate in the writing retreat for Junior Women Faculty, please consider registering for the on-campus retreat for women faculty that will be held at the end of June.



FACULTY Writes Retreats are capped between 12-20 faculty writers, depending on the retreat. Select retreats are designated for women, faculty of color, Jr. faculty, grant writers or other groups.

1- & 2-Day Retreats: You pick whether to attend the FRIDAY session only, to attend the SATURDAY session only, or to attend both the FRIDAY & SATURDAY session.

This pick-your-day retreat allows faculty to select what serves their busy schedules best.

   Don't want to write on the weekend but can clear a Friday? Elect to attend FRIDAY-ONLY.

   Can't spare time on a Friday, but would love to reserve a Saturday for writing? Elect to attend the S

Each of the 1- & 2-Day Retreats opens with a short  THURSDAY session on retreat writing goals and scheduling strategies to help faculty get organized, focused, and make the most of the writing time on FRIDAY and/or SATURDAY. While attending this session, it is optional, if you cannot attend or will be otherwise ready to write on Friday/Saturday.

All retreats include a distraction-free space (participants switch off email, phone, and text messaging--unless awaiting an urgent call); and morning coffee, tea, fresh fruit, and a variety of energy-boosting snacks.

Retreats are generally held on CSU main campus. Although, some specialty retreats may be held on such other CSU sites at the Mountain Campus.





I feel productive in retreats. It creates a good space and time to thrive. 

Superb experience. I valued the setting (quiet room, others present, coffee, water) and the guidance (culture of writing, potential for groups, reminders, proctoring).

Retreats give me considerable space (literally in my head) to focus on writing projects.

I have trouble balancing my writing with my administrative responsibilities... The quiet time and snacks are most helpful.