Write to Publish

W2P-I: Write to Publish I

Article Publication Course (non-credit)

A 12-week series of workshops designed to guide postdocs and graduate students through the process of crafting and polishing a manuscript for publication. 

This series is best for participants who have already conducted research and have a conference presentation or course paper they wish to revise for publication. 

Workshops run 1 x week for 50 minutes for 12 weeks.. 

Participants  may find it beneficial to purchase Wendy Belcher’s WRITING YOUR JOURNAL ARTICLE IN TWELVE WEEKS.

Participants who complete all 12 sessions earn a W2P Certificate of Completion.

W2P-I Schedule

THURSDAYS, 2-2:50PM Mountain Time

JAN 27       Intro & Scheduling 

FEB 3         Writing for Publication 

FEB 10       Abstracts 

FEB 17        Literature Review 

FEB 24       Reverse Outlining 

MAR 10      Getting/Using Feedback 

MAR 24      Revising: Organization and Flow 

MAR 31       Presenting & Integrating Evidence

APR 7         Openings and Conclusions

APR 14       Revising: Clarity & Concision 

APR 21       Submitting: Cover Letters 

APR 28      Responding to Readers 

W2P-II: Write to Publish II

Advanced Accountability Course (non-credit)

Keep Your Article Writing On Track

Participants in Write to Publish II (W2P-II) will draft and revise an article for publication. Graduate student and postdoctoral participants will plan their semester’s writing, set realistic writing goals each week, track their writing progress, and contribute conversationally to their W2P-II writing community. 

The course learning objectives and outcomes will be set individually by participants so that each participant can achieve their specific writing-for-publication goals this semester. 

Participants are NOT required to have completed the first Write to Publish course (W2P-I) to participate in this course.} 

W2P-II Schedule

MONDAYS, 3-3:50PM Mountain Time

JAN 31                  Introduction & Scheduling 

FEB 7 – May 2      Weekly Article/Publishing Conversations & Goals