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Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Formatting (with Graduate School & Library Staff)

SEPT 9, 3-4:30 (LSC 382)

This workshop provides a "BIG PICTURE" of what to expect when preparing yourthesis/dissertation for submission to the Graduate School. Members of the Graduate School and Morgan Library will offer formatting tips, an overview of the submission process and timeline, and basic copyright information. Don't wait until the last minute! With the right knowledge, you can get a head start on formatting today!


Prioritize Your Research Writing: Scheduling Methods

SEPT 17, 2-3pm (LSC 324) 

This workshop provides information about multiple strategies to schedule and make room (time and space) for your proposal or manuscript writing this academic year. We will consider proven methods for building momentum and maintaining focus even during the most hectic of semesters.  This is the first workshop of the BUILD MOMENTUM Series for Fall 2019.


Join a Writing Group (or get tips to maintain an existing group)

SEPT 17, 3-4:30pm (LSC 324)  

Writing groups help researchers build in accountability into their writing practice. Attend this session if you are interested in joining a writing group or wish to brush up on best ways to keep your existing writing group going! This workshop draws on research and best methods for organizing and participating in a writing group.

If you wish to participate in a CSUWrites writing group, you will want to attend this informational session and complete a “Writing Group Request Form” at:


Develop a Sustainable Writing Practice

SEPT 25, 3-4:30pm (LSC 300)

This workshop brings together research on writing productivity, deliberate practice (studies of expertise), habit formation, and procrastination with writing projects. If writing is the singular most important career-building activity we do as academics, it is also a practice that must be structured and sustained for us to build our careers. This workshop considers the role of professional writing in the realities of publish/perish pressures and the era of distraction. It is the second workshop of the BUILD MOMENTUM Series for Fall 2019.

Write for Speed

OCT 9, 3-4:30 (Guggenheim 107)

This workshop covers strategies that help writers draft quickly (and edit slowly) to increase overall writing productivity and satisfaction. It will also explore what it takes to “write for speed” regularly so that writers can build momentum on a project over the semester. This workshop is the third of the BUILD MOMENTUM workshop series for FALL 2019. The first 30 graduate student participants in the workshop series will receive a CSU WritesWriting in ProgressHeadsweatshat to announce when writing is in progress.


"How to" I: PUNCTUATE (with Stephanie G’Schwind)

OCT 15, 3-4:30 (LSC 328-30)

Stephanie G’Schwind, editor of Colorado Reviewand the director of the Center for Literary Publishing at Colorado State University, will lead this workshop on correct punctuation: commas, semi-colons, colons, dashes, and more! This workshop is the first in the HOW TO workshop series for graduate students, Fall 2019.



(with Dr. Meara Faw)

OCT 23, 3-4:30 (LSC 300)

How do you continue writing when you work with challenging collaborators or advisors? What can you do to keep your projects moving forward when collaboration has stalled? This workshop focuses on ways to work through writing challenges that have more to do with your working relationship with others than your writing practice. Dr. Meara Faw of Communication Studies and expert in the conflict management will lead this second session in the HOW TO... workshop series for graduate students this fall.


"How to" III: AVOID PLAGIARISM--paraphrase & summarize

OCT 30, 3-4:30 (LSC 304)

It can be tricky to know when to summarize, paraphrase, or quote directly from your research documents and other source material. This workshop focuses on ways to accurately represent your research and readings while "giving credit where credit is due." This workshop is the third of the HOW TO... workshop series for graduate students this fall 2019.


"How to" IV: FIND ERRORS & WRITE CLEARLY (with Laurel Bond)

NOV 13, 3-4:30 (LSC 322)

This workshop is the last in the HOW TO workshop series for Fall 2019. This workshop focuses on: first, how to identify and track your common writing errors, and, then, how to revise those errors for clarity of expression. Laurel Bond from INTO CSU will provide the iterative process of generating and editing your writing.

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Attend the WRITE FOR SPEED Workshop in October and receive a cap.

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