Faculty Workshops

Fall 2023

Mentor/Mentee Collaborative Writing Workshop

SESSION I: AUG 29, 12-1pm, LSC 324

SESSION II: OCT 3, 10:30am-12pm, LSC 312


This 3-part workshop supports faculty mentors as they write collaboratively with their graduate student or postdoctoral fellow mentees. Co-facilitated by Dr. Kristina Quynn (director of CSU Writes) and Dr. Carol Wilusz (director of Cell & Molecular Biology), the workshop helps faculty provide constructive feedback and their graduate students to make the most of feedback on their writing. Faculty and student to completing 1) the August and October workshops, 2) a writing/feedback assignment—aligned with existing projects, 3) a short feedback consultation, and 4) intake and exit surveys.

What Strong Writers Do: Planning & Scheduling Workshop

SEPT 5, 3-4:30, LSC 324


The strength and resiliency we need to complete extensive writing projects is built over time and through repetition. This in-person workshop covers evidence-based approaches and actions that faculty, postdocs, and researchers can undertake early in the semester to prepare, undertake, and complete their writing projects.

4-Hour Article Draft Intro Webinar + two 2-Hour Writing Sessions

SEPT 14, 12-12:30PM


This session introduces an experimental workshop designed for writers to produce a draft article in 4 hours. We will explore the preparation for the two 2-hr writing sessions in October (10/19, 12-2pm) and (10/26, 12-2pm). Attendees will do best if they have all data, literature, and clarity of findings/analysis/interpretations. We will be bold and explore what is possible with preparation and deep work, together.

Write at Speed Workshop and Practice Session

OCT 4, 12-12:50PM LSC 312

In-Person, LSC

This workshop covers strategies writers can use to draft quickly (and edit slowly) during a writing session and to learn methods that can build writing focus and endurance. After learning principles and techniques, we will practice generating and editing sprints. These Write at Speed methods can be used at show up & write. and the 4-Hour Article series.


Concept Plan for Articles: Webinar with Dr. Steve Conrad, Systems Engineering

OCT 9, 1-2PM (Mountain Time)


Writing an article about your research is challenging and complex. As writers it is imperative that we write so our readers understand our intent, trust our methods, and get a clear sense of our findings and their implications. This webinar introduces a structured concept plan approach for achieving these goals. In the webinar Dr. Conrad will review his introduction to the concept plan approach at the University of Queensland, its application, and how it can be used to scaffold the article writing process to structure the introduction, and highlight key literature, methods, and findings.

AI and Research Writing: A Discussion with CSU Researchers (with Special Guest Max Headroom?!)

OCT 31, 12-1:30PM, LSC 308-310

In-Person, LSC

Predictive generative and corrective writing tools (think Grammarly) have been used by research writers for more than a decade. Recent developments in probabilistic text generation (think ChatGPT) have brought large language models (LLM) to the forefront of our conversations about how we write and how we engage and assess knowledge production. This CSU Writes hosted discussion session provides a space for CSU to consider how our researchers and scholars are understanding, skill-building, and navigating text generative software.