Because good research is good writing.


CSU Writes is a writing facilitation program designed for professional researchers and academic writers who are interested in boosting their productivity as they develop a sustainable writing practice.

While select offerings are open to all writers on campus, CSU Writes’ primarily serves faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students who write for publication, submission, and/or degree completion.

As a research support program, CSU Writes is gratefully housed in Graduate School and is funded, in part, by Office of the Vice President for Research.

Dr. Kristina Quynn founded CSU Writes in 2015 with grant funds from the Ripple Effect. The program continued and grew with support from the Graduate School, the Provost’s Office, and the Office of the Vice President for Research.


At CSU Writes, we approach writing as a professional craft, and we bring the most current and best research writing practices to CSU’s faculty, postdoc, and graduate student writers.

CSU Writes supports CSU’s researchers as professional writers who are experts or becoming-experts in their fields of study. To work at the cutting edge of a field now requires that the elite researchers in a discipline not only perform innovative research but also communicate that research to meet the expectations of a range of specialized genres, styles, and audiences. Cutting-edge writing, thus, requires innovative, nimble support. To that purpose, CSU Writes is continually adding to or modifying program offerings to best suit the needs of CSU’s researchers.

In 2017, CSU Writes began studies on sustainable writing practices among research writers and producing scholarship on career-sustaining writing support for researchers in academe. Dr. Quynn has presented at national conferences about write-on-site models and writing retreats and locally about faculty women writing support. She is currently collaborating with Dr. Cyndi Stewart on studies about the habits of CSU’s graduate student writers. Future projects look to clarify the writing productivity methods of collaborative teams.