CSU Writes offers Colorado State University faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students support as they write for publication, proposal submission, and/or degree completion.



DOC Writes

GRAD Writes

Comprised of three branches--FACULTY Writes, DOC Writes, & GRAD Writes--CSU Writes offers faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students multiple ways to participate in an academic writing community on campus:

workshops, writing groups, intensive writing retreats, guest speaker presentations, show up & write. sessions, peer manuscript & proposal editing, and more.

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CSU Writes is currently funded through the Graduate School, the Provost's Office, and the Office of the Vice President for Research. It is housed in the Graduate School.


CSU Writes creates opportunities for faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students to meet with peers & colleagues to enhance the quantity and quality of their written work (something not to be underestimated in contributing to the health of a research institution); increases the number of submitted grant proposals and publications by CSU faculty; offers targeted and informed support for women faculty and faculty of color; speeds time-to-degree and increases completion rates for graduate students; contributes to national academic conversations about writing support programs.




Dr. Kristina Quynn is a faculty member in the Department of English. She founded CSU Writes when she sought academic writing support to help her maintain a research and writing agenda amidst heavy teaching obligations. Through cross-campus conversations, she spoke with other faculty and graduate students who had similar desires for realistic and supportive academic writing conversations on campus.

Dr. Quynn's research in literary studies focuses on avant-garde, transnational women's fiction. Her work can be found in such publications as the Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association, Dismemberment of Drama, Women in Irish History and Culture, MLA Teaching Approaches Series, and the Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender. Recently, she co-edited a collection on innovative criticism, Reading and Writing Experimental Texts: Critical Innovations (Palgrave 2017). Her current book project is a playful and engaging academic writing guide titled Write. Enough.: 10 Things Nobody Told You about Academic Writing.

She has been known to carpool with chemists--who turn the drudgery of a commute into great fun (an example of "good chemistry").

She is always seeking out good conversations with faculty, postdoc, and graduate student writers about academic writing needs. Feel free to get in touch to start a conversation or ask further questions:

Dr. Kristina Quynn

334 Eddy Hall





Adele Lonas is completing a joint Master’s program in Teaching English as a Second/ Foreign Language (TESL/TEFL), and in Spanish Language and Literature. She is presently working on her final project, on the history and development of Spanish-language resources, programs and services in public libraries in Colorado.

Since first learning of CSU Writes, she has attended three Grad Writes retreats and currently proctors one of the Show up & Write sessions. She works as a writing consultant at CSU’s Writing Center, and has also taught CO150 (composition) and Spanish as a GTA here at CSU. She is very grateful for the CSUWrites program; she sees it as a space where she can fully connect to her final project and set aside all other distractions.

Adele loves to run, bike, hike and paint, and is also very involved in immigrants’ rights.


Matt Peacock is a fourth year PhD student in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering with a focus on water resources planning and management.  His research is studying the application of artificial intelligence to the optimization of reservoir operations.  Weekly meetings with his writing group help to keep him on track toward his goal of finishing his dissertation this year.

Ashlie Johnson

Ashlie Johnson is a graduate student in the Applied Social and Health Psychology doctoral program at CSU. Her research and writing focuses on the interplay between psychological processes and nutrition/exercise behaviors.

After attending several CSU Writes events and retreats, she was enthusiastic to join the team as an intern. She loves discussing the writing process with other academics and finds the community mindset of CSU writes to be inspiring and effective in increasing her productivity in many of her writing pursuits. 

When she is not teaching, researching, and writing, Ashlie enjoys reading, running, yoga, cooking, gardening, and escaping to the mountains any chance she can get.



Lexi (Alexandra) Gehring was CSU Writes's first intern who completed her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology while doing amazing work with CSU Writes.

She first got involved in CSU Writes through writing groups, but now can be found at almost all CSU Writes events. She is willing to try any and all writing and productivity techniques. Currently, she is obsessed with the ventilation file and Zerubavel’s Clockwork Muse. Her participation in CSU Writes has changed revolutionized her writing practice for the better.

Outside of CSU Writes, Lexi’s research focuses on nucleic acid transactions in the hyperthermophilic archaea Thermococcus kodakarensis. Currently, she is writing manuscripts about her research as well as working on her dissertation.

Lexi is known to have dance parties to release the stress of graduate school. She is also an avid Packers fan and loves to talk to all things football.