We have all heard the advice to start writing grants early. By writing early, we can gather and build the components of the proposal gradually as we craft a high-quality submission. Contrary to what you might be thinking, starting early does not necessarily mean that we will spend more time writing the proposal. In fact, it may mean that you will spend less time overall and have a better proposal in the end.


How is this possible?


By writing at regular intervals, planning next steps strategically, and being held accountable for identifying and meeting writing goal, writers will far out produce writers who binge or write at the last minute.


To help CSU researchers write early, GRANT Writes provides as series of offerings that grant writers can pick and choose from over Spring and Summer 2022.


GRANT Writes includes weekly goal setting sessions, two grant retreats, peer-review groups, and a “sentence-level” successful proposal workshop. These events are co-organized and co-facilitated with CSU campus partners.


GRANT Writes is open to writers at all stages of their career development (faculty, postdoc, researcher, graduate student). Writers should be actively working on a proposal for submission in 2022. All types of proposal writing welcome: NIH, NSF, NEH, NEA, DOD, DARPA, Foundation, and more! No matter your directorate, GRANT Writes can work for you!


For those writing no-deadline proposals, GRANT Writes can help you set and meet your own deadlines. In fact, you may be more competitive than before by setting and meeting your own deadline. For instance, select NSF grants saw upwards of a 70% drop in submissions, simply by removing their deadlines. (Apparently, deadlines do work.) Take advantage of less competition by submitting your grant in 2022!



Weekly Strategy Sessions (Monday mornings)

9-9:15am | with optional writing session 9:15-10:30am (Teams)

Set your week’s writing goals with low-stakes accountability. Open to all grant writers, this program option may be especially beneficial for NSF no-deadline writers. (Set a deadline and have peer support for meeting your goal.) Co-hosted with Dr. BreeAnn Brandhagan with the Research Acceleration Office. BreeAnn will provide weekly advice on next steps (particularly helpful for NSF-Career writers).



April 2| 8:30-4:30pm (virtual)

Co-organized with the Office of the Vice-President for Research RAO. Each retreat offers grant writers up to five hours of dedicated prep and writing time, expert speaker presentations, and afternoon breakout discussion sessions. Retreats are a great opportunity for researchers to make significant progress on a proposal.



April 7 | 12-1pm |

“Grant Proposals at the Sentence Level”

Co-led by Dr, Jeff Wilusz (MIP) and Dr. Kristina Quynn

We examine what makes proposals succeed or fail and why at the sentence level.


Generating and Feedback Groups:

March – June 2022

grant generating and feedback groups will meet regularly to provide accountability, collegial support, and feedback to build writing momentum and craft high-quality proposals.