We are a diverse and writing-engaged group!

The range of disciplines from which CSU Writes' facilitators, interns, and proctors come from reveals the enthusiasm among all CSU's colleges and departments for high quality writing and career-sustaining writing practices.


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Dr. Kristina Quynn is an Assistant Professor holding a joint appointment in the Graduate School and the Department of English. She founded CSU Writes when she sought academic writing support to help her maintain a research and writing agenda amidst heavy teaching obligations. Through cross-campus conversations, she spoke with other faculty and graduate students who had similar desires for realistic and supportive academic writing conversations on campus.

Dr. Quynn's research in literary studies focuses on avant-garde, transnational women's fiction. Her work can be found in such publications as Genre: Forms of Discourse and Culture,  Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association, Dismemberment of Drama, Women in Irish History and Culture, MLA Teaching Approaches Series, and the Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender. Recently, she co-edited a collection on innovative criticism, Reading and Writing Experimental Texts: Critical Innovations (Palgrave 2017). Her current book project is a playful and engaging academic writing guide titled Write. Enough.: 10 Things Nobody Told You about Academic Writing.

She has been known to carpool with chemists--who turn the drudgery of a commute into great fun (an example of "good chemistry").

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Dr. Izabela Ragan is a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Richard Bowen’s lab in the Biomedical Sciences. Her post-doctoral research includes evaluating ectotherms and their role in the maintenance of various arboviruses with public health impacts such as Zika virus, Yellow Fever virus, Dengue virus, and Rift Valley fever virus. Her specific interests include animal modeling, diagnostic development and pathogenesis studies in high-containment facilities.

Izabela got involved with CSU Writes by attending workshops and writing retreats. She believes CSU Writes is an amazing service for faculty and students. She is excited to join support writing and feedback groups to help grow the CSU Writes community.

In her free time, Izabela is generally outside enjoying the Colorado Rocky Mountains by biking, hiking, and climbing.

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Jeremy Worrell earned his undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2015. During his time in school, he interned with an environmental compliance company in India. After school, he became a geologist for an engineering and consulting firm and was responsible for monitoring and mitigating coal fires and sink holes in Colorado and Wyoming. He also spent 4 months in the US Virgin Islands assisting remediation efforts post hurricane Maria.

With the goal to make the world a better place through sustainable and social enterprise, Jeremy joined the GSSE MBA program through the College of Business and is excited to be apart of the CSU Writes community.


AJ Brown is a fourth year Ph.D. student in Soil and Crop Sciences, working on projects related to improving water quality, reducing the effects soil salinity on crops, and developing innovative new environmental monitoring technologies.  He is originally from the small, agricultural community of Rocky Ford, Colorado where he grew up farming his own farm, as well as working at the CSU Arkansas Valley Research Center.  It was his childhood that drove him to pursue a career where he could take on the challenges of creating new agricultural and engineering knowledge, and simultaneously being able to communicate it in a way that farmers and ranchers could easily understand.

Swetha, 2019

Swetha Varadarajan is a second-year Computer Science Ph.D. student, working on Parallel Genetic Algorithms. She hails from a south Indian city called Chennai. Her research interests began when she took a course on microprocessors during her undergrad. Since then, she has been fascinated with computer architecture, organization, and efficient utilization. Previously, she earned a MS in EE at CSU, and her thesis was on the optimization of RNA-RNA Interaction Computations.

Her interests include hiking, biking, tennis, and music. She appreciates CSU Writes' goals and is grateful to CSU Writes and Grad580A2 course for helping her realize writing as a conscious activity. She is excited to be a part of CSU Writes community.



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Farah Vera is a Mexican Biologist. She was a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology with a focus on vector biology. Her work studies the reversal of insecticide resistance in mosquitoes. She started attending CSU Writes writing retreats and and workshops, which have helped her to start writing her dissertation with more confidence.  Currently, she is writing her dissertation. She is thrilled to join CSU Writes as an intern. She hopes to help others students, especially second language students, to realize that they, too, can write with more ease and excitement (instead of fear and stress). When she returns to Mexico, she would like to create a writing support similar to CSU Writes. She successfully defended her dissertation and graduated in 2019.


Leah Franke is a graduate student in the Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (TESL/TEFL) Master’s program. She received her undergraduate degree in Asian Languages and Literatures from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 2015. While in school, she had the opportunity to study Korean language and history at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. She has since taught English as a Second Language to students of all ages in Alaska and Colorado. She enjoys writing and language, and is excited to join the CSU Writes team.

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Lindsey Bush is in her second year of the English department’s Master’s program in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language.  Originally from the state of New York, she earned her undergraduate degree in English and Anthropology from Wells College in Aurora, New York. Following graduation, she taught in a public-school system, working with K-12 students who were classified as English Language Leaners.  This led her to apply for a Master’s degree at CSU.

She is thrilled to join the CSU Writes group to assist in the development of focused English language writing groups and looks forward to working with fellow students to achieve their writing goals.



Adele Lonas completed a joint Master’s program in Teaching English as a Second/ Foreign Language (TESL/TEFL), and in Spanish Language and Literature.

Ashlie Johnson

Ashlie Johnson is a doctoral student in the Applied Social and Health Psychology program at CSU. Her research and writing focuses on the interplay between psychological processes and nutrition/exercise behaviors.


Matt Peacock completed a PhD in  Civil and Environmental Engineering with a focus on water resources planning and management.



Lexi (Alexandra) Gehring was CSU Writes's first intern. She completed her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology while doing amazing work with CSU Writes.