Dr. Joseph Zadrozny, Chemistry

Dr. Joseph Zadrozny is a 2020 National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Program winner.

In his proposal to the NSF CAREER Program titled “Robust Coherence and High Sensitivity in Metal-Ion Nuclear-Spin Qubits,” Zadrozny’s research focuses on understanding how to amplify environmental detection by the quantum states of metal-ion magnetic nuclei. This insight would be essential for the development of next-generation quantum bits or MRI sensors.

Dr. Zadrozny had the following to say about CSU Writes:

“CSU Writes was key to me getting the award! Kristina organized weekly meetings leading up to the due date where myself and three other assistant professors helped each other with writing the CAREER. It’s so easy to just blow off writing when there other things going on. Having a set of peers to hold me accountable made sure I kept the ball rolling forward. Plus it was nice to have a reason to set aside time in my busy schedule to talk with fellow asst. profs and feel a part of a community. There were many other advantages of the program directly related to writing quality, because I improved as a writer in the process of putting together the proposal, hearing feedback from my colleagues, etc. And as a separate aside, it was always fun talking about the ‘philosophy of writing’ with Kristina, which really changed how I think about the process of taking ideas from my head and turning them into something presentable on paper.”