Dr. Justin Sambur, Chemistry

Dr. Justin Sambur is a 2020 National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Program winner.

Sambur’s CAREER award project titled, “Illuminating structure-property relationships in energy storage materials via quantitative light microscopy,” focuses on the discovery of design principles for safe, fast-charging, and long-lasting Li-ion battery materials necessary for high power applications such as electric vehicles, power tools, and portable electronic devices.

The Sambur group focuses on synthesizing nanomaterials and developing imaging techniques to understand structure/function relationships with the highest possible spatial and temporal resolution. The group aims to understand how single nanomaterials behave in working solar energy conversion and catalytic devices.

Justin was an NSF ACC-F postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University in the laboratory of Dr. Peng Chen. His research focused on using single-molecule imaging methods to study single-particle photoelectrocatalysis. Justin earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2011 at Colorado State University under the guidance of Dr. Bruce Parkinson, working in the area of quantum dot and polymer sensitized solar cells.  He earned a B.S. in Chemistry at SUNY-Binghamton in 2006 under the guidance of Dr. David Doetschmann, where his thesis focused on decomposing chemical warfare agents using zeolites.