Spring semester is here! We know that before the flowers start blooming, the snow has to finish falling—and we also know that before we finish writing, we must begin, build momentum, or get un-stuck. Luckily, CSU Writes has a semester full of offerings intended to help you with your writing, whether it be through workshops, writing sessions, or book club. Here’s what’s on tap for CSU Writes Spring 2022:

Book Club: March 1, 5-6:30pm LSC 322

This semester we will be reading Oliver Burkeman’s Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals. Burkeman, a self-proclaimed “productivity junky,” put productivity into context and helps us realign what we find meaningful with how we focus our attention.

We selected Four Thousand Weeks for this semester’s CSU Writes’ book club because we know that sustainable writing and healthful productivity contribute to a meaningful career and to our wellbeing. Let’s get together to talk about embracing realistic limits and “getting meaningful things done, here and now, in our work and our lives together,”  to quote Oliver Burkeman.


This spring’s faculty workshops and retreats focus on supporting CSU research and scholarly writers as we continue to write through a continually-changing pandemic-impacted academic schedules.

We paired and expanded two of our most highly-rated workshops for faculty—Write at Speed and Collaborative Writing—to provide additional strategies on how to get the most out of your writing sessions and collaborations.

Our faculty retreats remain largely virtual to accommodate faculty writers with health concerns or inconsistent childcare schedules. Also, we acknowledge that it is difficult to be present in a retreat for 8 hours a day wearing a facemasks. (We have it on word of our virologist writers.) We have, however, included a Friday morning/lunch gathering option for those writers who can be on campus and who wish to meet up for pre-writing session conversations. All Saturday retreats (including the grant retreats) will remain entirely virtual.

For writers who seek accountability to keep their writing on track throughout the semester, join the WARP (writing accountability for research writers) bi-weekly check-ins. Or sign up to proctor a weekly show up & write. session. If you are focused on writing grants this spring, GRANT Writes also includes weekly check ins, retreats, and workshops to keep you on track.


Feb. 8th, 12-12:50 Write at Speed I: Basics of Drafting Quickly/Editing Slowly

Feb. 16th, 12-12:50 Write at Speed II: Advanced Methods & Practice

Apr. 12th, 12-12:50 Collaborative Writing I: Simple Rules

Apr. 20th, 12-12:50 Collaborative Writing II: Writing Across Differences



Feb. 4th-5th Faculty Writers

Feb. 19th Grant Writers

Mar. 25th-26th Faculty Writers

Apr. 2nd Grant Writers

Apr. 15th-16th Faculty Writers

Accountability Options

WARP: Writing Accountability for Research Projects

GRANT Writes (w/ NSF no-deadline & NSF-Career options)

show up & write. M-F 8a-5p with Faculty and Researchers of Color (FROC Writes) sessions